Monday, July 23, 2012

I am making a Chanel jacket!.  I have long wanted to make one.  I started reading  blogs to get information, especially this one.  I also bought Claire Schaeffer's Couture Sewing Techniques. 

Here is the beginning after cutting the pieces and thread tracing.

Since this boucle shreds up like Shredded Wheat, I put painter's tape around the edges  The lining is machine stitched to each piece.  You must cut each piece with a 1 1/2 inch seam allowance. This next picture shows the inside after stitching the seams together on the thread tracing.  I zigzaged the seams and trimmed them down.  Claire Schaeffer says to 1/4 inch.  I wasn't brave enough to trim mine that close!

The lining material is trimmed and folded and hand stitched.  You can see the result in this picture.

Here's how it is looking on my dress form.

And, finally, with one sleeve pinned on.  I am working on the sleeves now.

I have close to 20 hours work on her so far! 

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  1. She is coming along well. Keep up the good work!