Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 Here are a couple of onesies I made for a new baby.  Not wanting to pay for a pattern :) I searched and found this pattern, which is a 6 month size.  I found a sleeve pattern and added the sleeves.

I think I have finally mastered putting snaps into knit fabric.  The problem I have found is that with the limp knit fabric, pulling on the snap when you try to open it not only is difficult to pull, but also weakens the fabric around the snap, even with interfacing underneath.  What I have found works is putting the snap in per usual, then taking a screwdriver of some type, or an object similar to that, and gently pushing the opening wider. I have found a needlenose pliers to work pretty well.  Here is a photo.

After gently pushing the opening a little try the snap again to see if it opens gently, but firmly.  If you've opened it a little too wide, just use the needlenose pliers to squeeze just a little all the way around to close it just a bit.  With a little practice you will be able to do it pretty fast and the snap will open without pulling on the fabric too much.

Monday, April 23, 2012

I bought Sandra Betzina's V1275. I found it to run fairly small according to my dimensions. You can either make the top with no gathers in the center front or with the gathers..  I chose the no gathers for the first time.  I have since made it with the gathers (post later.)  As Sandra mentions in her pattern instructions, because of the raglan-like sleeve, you don't have to worry about the shoulder fit, especially in the two-way stretch knit. I did fuse Pam's interfacing to the fabric, since I am not fond of slinky, clingy tops. It fits really well.
Sometimes I think I am a better sewist than I really am. I tried to apply the binding all the way around the neck edge, trying to scrunch it around the front corners. Trouble! It didn't look good. So I go back and read the instuctions and find out she just hems the front center piece and puts binding around the back and side. I really like the pattern and hope to make it again.
I do have several things to post on my blog. We finally had a sunny day and I got Tim to take photos of a few things I sewed recently. This one is a cute dog harness that I made for a cute little chih pom granddog. I will have to try and get a picture of him in the harness. It's quick and simple to make.