Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pink Blouse

Here's the pink blouse without buttons or buttonholes yet. I will model it when it is completed. I think it needs gray buttons, but I have none in my stash that will work. The pattern is one I picked up at a thrift store labeled as 1957. Each piece meticulously has "Nancy Linden's" name on it. It would seem that this was a blouse done in Home Ec. I still have my home ec jumper from 11th grade with my name on every piece. Alas, Nancy Linden's sewing partner must have gone home with her sleeve piece. I was able to use another sleeve pattern and it seemed to work okay. The pattern has an interesting "waistline tuck" as opposed to a dart, which makes for a looser fit. It has the same tuck on the back. The extra room makes it nice for moving the arms around, since this is a cotton and not a knit.


  1. neat... I like it... I though you didn't like pink tho.... :)

  2. I guess I liked the fabric, even though it was pink.