Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pincushion Treasures!

I had read on someone's blog recently (can't remember where) that they had a tomato pincushion and one day they decided to take the pins and needles out of it and knead it to see how many they could retrieve out of the middle.

Well, I have a tomato pincushion that I use for sewing machine needles that haven't been used much, and sometimes I stick a sewing needle in the top.

This lady said she got 50 some needles out of the middle of her pincushion. Well, today I decided to do the same with mine. I took out the pins and needles that were sticking out. I started kneading it and expected to find maybe 15-20??? Guess what? I got 48 sewing needles out of the center. I do have to admit that this is old (I got it from my mom). It was great fun!

From August 23, 2011

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