Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Amy Butler Sweet Harmony Bag

Carissa (daughter)and I made the Amy Butler Sweet Harmony Bag. You can see hers on her Bumblebee Bliss blog, plus the umbrella tutorial that she did. I have wanted to make something from toile fabric for a long time, so when I saw this pink and brown, I bought it. I read several reviews for this bag on Pattern Review before doing it, and was very glad I did.

Amy Butler patterns are not for beginning sewers and some of the instructions leave you scratching your head for awhile. She says if you use 45 inch fabric you need 2 layers of interfacing on some pieces, and 54 inch fabric only needs one layer of interfacing. What she doesn't say is that 54 inch fabric is home dec fabric and heavier, thus not needing the second layer of interfacing. That kind of thing that takes a few minutes to figure out.

I made my handle a bit longer to be able to tuck it on my shoulder and under my arm better. Some people complained that you have to cut out all the fusible fleece and interfacing and then trim them all down, thus wasting fabric. It would be nice to have included separate interfacing pieces.

All in all, it was easy once I got into the sewing of it and it went together fine.
I do love it.

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  1. I'm getting ready to make this bag and found your blog. You look like you may be one of our friends! Do you go to meetings? We have Steve P. in our Field this year he has been in Washington. Great job on the handbag, it looks great!
    Stephanie Hellwig in Oceanside, California