Saturday, January 23, 2010

Using a roll hemmer foot

I bought this skirt from - yes, you guessed it - a thrift store. I love the colors and the paisley. I chopped about 6 inches off it, so it wouldn't be dragging on the floor and so it would be more in style. I remembered perusing a blog the other day and found this posting. I can't seem to click on the exact posting, but if you scroll down a little you will see it. Anyway, she is using this hemming foot to make a rolled hem. I thought, hmm, I think I have one of those and have never used it. I tried it and it works!! It really works!!



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  1. neat... is it a special foot you buy... would that be instead of using a serger?

  2. I didn't buy it - guess it came with the machine. Makes a tiny hem - like pressing it over and then pressing it over a second time then stitching it.